Sunday, 30 April 2017


It might be a little strong to say we live in a nation of thieves; but, it's not far from the truth. The problem we have today is that all levels of government have become addicted to money. They are absolutely desperate for it. The province of Ontario, for example, wants to introduce license requirements to a whole host of businesses including hair dressers.

This would mean, in order to keep their jobs, people working at hair salons and barbers would have to pay hefty licensing fees and take mandatory courses. It's nothing short of a money grab scheme, because while our government can't say no to spending entire emergency funds and local savings on stadiums, its closing down high schools and eliminating services.

An example close to home

In the area where I live, there is a pleasant old street of business shops. Trendy antique stores, places to drink coffee, book and music stores are among them. During the financial crisis half the stores closed. I remember one antique shop owner telling me a heart wrenching story of his struggle to keep his business going.

Now, getting close to a decade later, everyone has noticed the street has made a come back. Every shop is open, and more are being built. The city has especially noticed this. They have decided to extend parking times and ramp up the fees. It hasn't occurred to our civic planners that this is still a struggling area.

Now that the paid parking has been extended into the evenings I've noticed some of the coffee shops are half empty again. I don't know how direct the cause and effect relationship is between the cities actions and the decrease in business but I have heard many complaints about the ill timed parking fee extensions and increases. Groups that used to meet here are going to where there is free parking instead.

I don't quite call the situation we are in a kleptocracy. Yet, we are well on our way to becoming one. Our current leaders do their stealing and gouging for benign reasons. Sooner or later, however, we are going to get someone who doesn't.

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