Sunday, 30 April 2017

Zombie Mentality

The zombie mentality, is how people become susceptible to programming through becoming team supporters.

Another way to describe this is speaking to the echo chamber. Basically, people like to join communities that just repeat their preconceived view right back to them. (It's the echo chamber...get it?)

A simple example of how they do this is by subscribing to non challenging Facebook groups.

The point isn't to question their own presuppositions. Rather, its to learn easy talking points to further entrench them.

Claims of fake news or spin, to avoid debate, is yet another rendition of the zombie mentality. Appeal to conspiracy theories, particularly when its for the political aims of ones team, is similar. These are the crutches of those looking for ways out of doing the hard work of really thinking about issues.

Why think, when positing there are aliens in the Federal Reserve, will solve all the problems much more easily for you.

Don't misunderestimate the zombies

There was probably a time when I and many like me assumed such people couldn't derail the system. We were all just proven wrong.

(The most ignorant, uneducated and hateful among us, can very well dictate the future for the rest because the authoritarian has a ready made zombie army of the easily manipulated to do his evil bidding...)

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